Zoe began as a business built on a dream. Early on Tawnya’s philosophy was work hard, be determined, and believe.

"passion fuels life"

Beginning in 1993 learning every aspect of the fine jewelry business: selling, buying, wholesaling, and retailing, while working with Barneys New York. Her intrepid spirit set her out on her own, opening Ateshi Gallery on Montana ave in Santa Monica, CA. Then designing Zoe, the first piece sold in 2005. The business was built step by step with no financial backing; one piece was sold to make two, until a collection was born. For over 13 years Zoe was sold exclusively at Barneys New York. Reach out directly to help fill your jewelry box with these modern day heirlooms. Let your jewelry speak your story.

Zoe’s serenely sophisticated style is emphasized by diamond pave work like delicate grains of sand set in oxidized platinum. Opaque diamonds so raw and uniquely individual no two are alike, enhance the individual intrinsic beauty of each piece. Rose cut diamonds in white, yellow, champagne and cognac mixed with rose cut Sapphires in pink, lavender, and blue speak a subtle language. Tawnya travels to Bora Bora to select Tahitian pearls, which are hand carved by a local artisan

Photo credit: Martin Herbst / Makeup Sandy Posner

Photo credit: Martin Herbst / Makeup Sandy Posner

Tawnya’s intrepid spirit lead her from a small town atop the Blue Ridge Mountains to the coastline where the Santa Monica Mountains meet the ocean. Inspired by daily walks along the beach this “God-spired” serenity brings calm, which allows her to create. The continuous strength and energy of the waves crashing on the shoreline remind us that in peace strength can be found. 

Her biggest fan is her son. He has an “old soul” and inherently understands the power of gemstones. He will often be by her side playing with the “treasures” on her worktable as she creates the next piece.

As a child Tawnya believed in the energy of gemstones and would collect Georgian jewelry and always exclaim, “if only jewelry could talk, the story of love and romance it could share." Life’s precious moments are commemorated with a piece of jewelry. A person’s energy is forever embedded in it.