tahitian pearl necklace

tahitian pearl necklace


platinum with tahitian double pearl drop and hand carved detailing adjustable necklace

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perles de tahiti collection

My true “Passion fuels life” has always been found under the sea and by the shores edge. Early on scuba diving called to me, exploring the ocean’s depths in extreme silence and utter stillness. There is no better mediation experience than at depths of over 100ft and in darkness of night. For this is where the true magic begins and life takes on new meaning. The ocean phosphorescence found in this deep darkness is magical. We only truly find ourselves in stillness.

French Polynesia was like coming home the first time our boat left the airport and made it’s way through the turquoise waters past majestic mountain peaks and white-sand beaches. Never have I felt such a sense of myself; oneness with God as I do each time I set sail on these waters. Reflecting on such moments and counting the days until my return are what keeps me going. To hold onto these memories working with pearls is a true joy. Deep appreciation for the hues and tones found in the darker Tahitian pearls speak to me and bring back such strong emotions of each moment shared with my kindred spirit islands.

For this is where my son, Ile truly seemed himself as he would run with his Tahitian friends and feel utterly free and joyful even though they did not speak the same language.

To help protect the world’s oceans, for many generation to come and being able to enjoy these experiences a portion of proceeds from each sale of pearls are donated to Oceana.org.